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What is this pathfinder about?

This HIV/AIDS Pathfinder is broken down into seven different categories:

HIV/AIDS: Basic Information—This is a top destination for individuals looking to gain a basic understanding of the HIV/AIDS disease.  The links on this page will explore facts, statistics, definitions and background information.  There are also specific pages for select groups like women and persons over the age of fifty.

Policy, Reports, Legislation and Hearing—This page is broken down into four categories.   The policy category explores the HIV/AIDS National Strategy created by the President.  The reports section provides pdf documents that recap specific policy and legislative measures taken by the government in regards to solving the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the U.S.  The legislation category looks more specifically into P.L.101-38 (The Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency Act) as well as supreme court cases that centered around HIV/AIDS controversies.  Finally, the Hearing category looks at a 2008 hearing presented as a “wake up call” to reassess and evaluate the U.S. HIV Prevention Budget.

Government Agencies—This page lists links to specific government agencies focused on providing medical care, resources, funding and information about the HIV/AIDS disease to individuals.

National Organizations—This page explores several organizations that focus on providing reproductive and sexual health care information, specifically regarding HIV/AIDS.  These links provide advocacy, prevention information, and educational opportunities to help spread HIV/AIDS awareness

Prevention, Treatment and Research—This page provides links to resources that provide information on how to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDs, research projects being performed for the development of an HIV vaccine and other advances that will decrease the impact of HIV/AIDS. Certain links also explore budget issues, legislation, policy and scientific elements

Resources for Infected Individuals—This page lists Federal and State resources for individuals infected with HIV/AIDS.  While the State resources are limited to Illinois, the remainder of the sites would be applicable to persons from other states/regions as well.  The final section on this page looks at specific reports that asses the progress of connecting infected individuals to care in the United States, as well as grant programs to financially help  infected individuals, or organization interested in supporting the fight against HIV/AIDS

Multimedia—This page provides links to videos that explore the topic of HIV/AIDS.  Of particular value is the video of the White House briefing in regards to the HIV/AIDS National Strategy.



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Who should use this pathfinder?

This pathfinder was created for persons who are interested in learning more about HIV/AIDS in the United States. While some of our sources focus more specifically on Illinois, there are plenty of sources throughout that would be valuable to anyone, from any location.  This would be an especially valuable pathfinder for the following persons:

  • Individuals infected with HIV
  • Individuals looking for more information for a family member or loved one who is affected by HIV
  • Students doing research on the topic
  • Library professionals looking for ready reference materials for patrons inquiring about HIV/AIDS
  • Individuals looking for information regarding grant money and/or government funding relating to HIV/AIDS
  • Teaches who are preparing a unit on the topic of HIV/AIDS


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How to use this pathfinder?

Click on the tabs above to explore a topic of interest to you.  Also, at the bottom of the page you will see the twitter stream and the RSS Feed.  These streams will refresh in real time to keep viewers of the page up-to-date on the latest information surrounding the domestic HIV/AIDS epidemic. If you have comments, questions, or additional resources you would like to see featured on the page, please feel free to leave comments either on the blog postings, or on the individual pages themselves.